Luxury Branding

Luxury brands have an entirely different proposition from regular ones and require a specific approach toward brand management and marketing. What makes luxury brands different from regular brands is the fact that their investments focus on their specific beliefs; when people think of them, they imagine a set of visual icons that include monograms, brand symbols, logos, colors, patterns, images, and perhaps, concepts rather than just one single logo. Luxury brands also have unique and creative experiences that they offer to customers, making them feel like doing a ritual more instead of receiving a simple service.

At Imagine Group, we focus on the following factors to bring about the most successful luxury brand marketing:

  • Performance:
    The delivery of superior experience at product level where the brand satisfies the functional and utilitarian characteristics as well as delivers practical, physical attributes and the experiential level that represents the emotional value of the brand to the consumers.
  • Pedigree:
    Having the customers influenced by the brand’s lineage, heritage, and the years of mastery.
  • Paucity:
    The uniqueness and rareness of a luxury brand’s products.
  • Persona:
    The visual brand identity that captures the personality, mystique, and emotional values of the luxury brand.
  • Public Figures:
    Traditionally, luxury brands employ public figures or celebrities as part of advertisement marketing strategies to gain attention, credibility, and impact.
  • Placement:
    Heightening the consumer’s brand experience through retail brand environment.
  • Public Relations (PR):
    PR plays a massive role in the image proliferation of the brand and thus, influences public opinion.


In conclusion, the core of luxury brand marketing lies in product excellence that extends to performing at an experiential level. Pedigree is crucial to generate ongoing relevance and dynamism through the persona, public figures, and PR factors, not to forget maintaining a degree of exclusivity.

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