Brand Environment

Workplace branding and Brand environment is one of the most important tools to bring a brand position to life since it engages employees, customers, and visitors.

Brand environment includes what is called a “branded space” that is used to physically embody the brand and is achieved through architecture, interiors, lighting, graphics, and landscape in places such as retail stores, showrooms, trade-fair booths, and office environments.

The concept is not new; brand environment started back as a movement in the 90’s that understood the importance of how a brand is visually perceived in three dimensional spaces. Since then, it has kept on evolving.

At Imagine Group, we offer the following brand environment services:

  • Corporate and retail interior design
  • Corporate and brand events
  • Design development and implementation
  • Exhibition and trade show booths and signage
  • Product design
  • Environmental graphic communications
  • Real estate branding
  • Wayfinding and signage systems

The ultimate aim of all these services is to create the feeling that people associate with a brand. Our architects, interior and industrial designers, and customer experience experts know how to turn a brand story into three dimensions to engage the senses and emotions of the audience.

Our main focus is always the customer. We do our best to see things through his or her eyes, feeling what they feel and understanding exactly how the experience will make them feel, for customer knowledge is a key in brand environment. We believe that customer experience is the main source of information and details on how to get to a perfect brand environment.

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