About Us

Our name says it all, Imagine.
We combine the creative touch of design with the analytical rigor of business consultancy, the capacities of technology, and the integrated digital solutions to enable business growth and maximize performance.
Who We Are

Since 2006, we have taken steady steps in delivering comprehensive business solutions and services that continue to expand. We have carried out more than 300 projects in 18 countries. Understanding and engaging fully with the culturally diverse businesses we worked with in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, we have passionate team members responsible for a myriad of successful business stories.

What We Do

Finding an opportunity in every challenge, we integrate our holistic approach of design, technology, consulting, and digital solutions to lead clients to success. Our integrated and comprehensive fusion of business solutions goes beyond and breaks the traditional chain of work.

We work closely with our clients to develop business solutions with the purpose of growing their market share. We devise the best consulting strategies that help organizations grow and build competitive advantage, and fuse them with integrated branding solutions that are customized to create enduring brands that excel in the market. And because we definitely do not stop there, our agility-based technological and digital solutions enable businesses to reach the edge of in-market performance optimization. We help our clients stand out from the crowd. We help them realize what they imagine.

Why Work with Us

360-Degree Solutions

We are strategy-led and evidence-based. Our end-to-end, 360-degree solutions are meant to leave a strong impact that covers every possible angle of our clients’ businesses and helps them reach their full potential.

Enduring Results

We develop comprehensive business solutions that help deliver lasting and time-enduring results.

Pursuit of Success

We are resilient and success-driven. We see a challenge in every problem and turn it into an opportunity to thrive and grow.

Our Team

Imagine team enjoys an extensive experience in business consulting, creatively comprehensive branding solutions, in addition to technological and digital services. Depending on a detail-oriented approach and being up to the minute with everything that has to do with the services we provide, our team is adamant to help your business grow and thrive in today’s highly competitive business world.

Fadi Al Risheq
Founder and CEO
Fadi Al Risheq has delivered over 20 years of experience in consulting and brand building, and enjoys extensive specialization in brand activation, digital transformation, customer experience design, and retail strategy innovation. As CEO, he oversees Imagine Group’s brand strategy, design, and innovation practices while continuing to advise clients on their growth and innovation Journey.

Fadi has worked across a wide range of sectors such as financial services, industrial, B2B, NGOs, communications, retail consumer brands, and technology. Some of his clients have included National Commercial Bank, Libyan Foreign Bank, Falcon Wings, Astra Industries, Tamer Group, Hyundai, Whiba Holding, Damamax, Jumhouria Bank, Target Chemicals, USAID, among many others.

Fadi holds a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering from Al-Ahliyyah Amman University and a master’s degree in marketing and communications from Huddersfield University.
Fadi Abu Al-Edam
Senior Art Director
Fadi Abu Al-Edam is a senior art director in Imagine Group. He has a great creative eye and brings ideas to life with genuine impact, humanity, and purpose. Like all the best designers, Fadi loves challenges and has a different way of simplifying the most complex problems with bold, straightforward thinking.

With over 17 years of experience, Fadi specializes in design, implementation and management of corporate identity programs across a wide range of communications such as print, environmental, and interactive media.

Fadi holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Al Balqa’a University.
Mohammed Zadah
Team Leader - Development Department
Mohammad Zadah is the team leader for the development and activation department in Imagine Group, specializing in online strategy, digital media, project planning, operation automation, Electronic Transactions System, and product innovation. He has more than 11 years of experience in development, website activation, and technology, spanning a diverse range of industries including consumer and industrial products, computers and electronics, Internet and e-commerce, healthcare, banking and financial services, not-for-profit, and arts organizations.

Mohammad has experience working with both large and small companies – from global conglomerates to startup enterprises – on projects involving strategic positioning, online technologies, web design, Content Management System (CMS), Client Relationship Management Systems (CRM), and Document Management Systems.

Mohammad holds a bachelor’s degree in software engineering from University of Petra.
Our Inspirations

At Imagine Group, we derive inspirations from all facets of life, organic and inorganic. We find the most common elements as objects of art waiting to be transformed into icons that inspire. Even ordinary activities capture our imagination and can stir us into action.


Being up to date with the latest in business requires a level of dynamism that is unprecedented, and that is why we love sports. Sports give us the momentum that makes us both active and enthusiastic to reach higher levels and set new standards.


We are inspired by the precision and capabilities of technology to come up with smart and efficient communication solutions that stand out from the mainstream and allow us to deliver our message.


The natural environment is a beautiful web of living and non-living things coexisting in perfect balance. It inspires us to work as one, gathering our strengths, backgrounds, and experiences to enrich our output.


Many of our employees are art graduates skilled in the fields of visual communications and aesthetics. Art is, therefore, the soul of our creativity.


Ranging from major-league to mid-sized, SMEs, small, national, regional, and international businesses, and belonging to a wide variety of industries and sectors, our clients are our partners in the journey of success. They aim for excellence and for the brand new. And so do we.