Brand Identity Development Process

The name, logo style, and all that is visual or represents a company’s reputation through conveying its values, purpose, aspirations, and competitive edges, make up its identity and image. Great brands understand their position in the market and know their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Therefore, great brands that know what they want and where to look for it know their goals, personality, and the emotions they want people to experience when they come in contact with them and have it clearly conveyed through a positioning statement.


Brands that realize their best products and services, the ones they will never offer, and their added value, and have a near and far future vision are the brands that will most likely enjoy longevity, fame, and a massive base of loyal customers who, in turn, enjoy a genuine feeling of the brand and are aware of it as though they are aware of a real-life person.

At Imagine Group, our services revolve around creating crystal clear brand identities that people identify with and differentiate from other brands, all intersected and instantaneous like a ball flying in the air with huge speed towards the goal, enjoying a proper kick, a favorable lucky wind, and a clear vision of where the goal is.


Our services are divided into three simultaneous stages: research, planning, and strategizing, identity and design, communication, engagement, and digital and social media services.


We understand the demands of our clients and their full scope of thought as to what they want their brands to be like. Then, we initiate our creative force of designers, researchers, creative copywriters, strategy and plan makers, developers, and social media experts, all working like a surging wind of energy, rushing forward for one aim: developing a brand identity.

The following illustration explains the process briefly:

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