Youth without Violence

A comprehensive market research was followed by setting a communication strategy and creative solutions used to highlight violence among the youth as a dangerous social phenomenon.

Youth without Violence is an Imagine Group-privately funded initiative aimed at reducing violence which has been a growing phenomenon within the target age group of 15-30. The initiative promoted tolerant and rational behavior through a series of messages transmitted via different media.

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Government of Jordan  



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Violence under the Microscope

The main objective was to identify the specific barriers and benefits of violent behavior as noted by middle and high school youth and to develop a social marketing campaign that attends to the needs and wants of the target audience.

Promoting Social Awareness

Advertising through outdoor media and press as well as promotions through creatively designed giveaways were developed by us. A dedicated online campaign was also developed to deliver the message online together with a multimedia gallery that enables participants to interact through submitting their own videos and audio notes to share their thoughts on violence.

ywv website


The message behind Youth without Violence campaign was conveyed on an interactive website designed and developed by our creative and development teams specially for it. Being able to effectively introduce the message of the campaign, the website was positively welcomed by the local community.


The campaign has been helpful in raising the levels of awareness of policy makers, social leaders, and families so that more attention be paid to youth violence intervention projects and the importance of safe and supportive workplaces. The campaign has been awarded the citizenship award in Pokasso billposter awards and was described in all media as one of the best interactive campaigns in the Middle East.

ywv award

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