Royal Falcon Airline

We implemented a marketing strategy and plan for Royal Falcon Airline that sustained its competitive edge in the market. We also offered the company our design solutions and marketing services in addition to our digital services of website development.

In 2007 Royal Falcon Airline was set up as a second air carrier and started operating on a scheduled basis. Playing an integral role in the story of success of this airline, Imagine Group helped develop the brand strategy of Royal Falcon and build greater awareness, preference, desire, and advocacy for the airline itself as the national carrier of Jordan.

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Royal Falcon Airline



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A Distinguished Brand in the Making

Working in partnership with Royal Falcon Airline, we developed the overall branding program and product development for the newly formed air carrier in Jordan. The first stop in this journey was a research and a benchmark on local, regional, and international air carriers to come up with a distinct brand.

Actualizing a Brand

Next was the brand design. Emphasizing the relation between the brand name and the design, we created an iconic falcon with a distinctive sharp character to be used throughout the organization.

Digital Services to Enhance Performance

For Royal Falcon Airline to soar higher and higher, a new website was developed according to the latest standards. An online booking system and a dynamically managed content were developed and designed to have an attractive layout. Added to this, Imagine Group created an aircraft livery design and applied it to the fleet of Airbus 320 aircraft.


Expanding to a full advertising campaign in the Middle East, Royal Falcon Airline brand has been extremely well received by employees and customers alike. Brand work was recognized in the airline industry and won many awards.

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