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We helped Hayah IVF reposition itself as a specialized clinic by developing a business strategy to create its new brand identity and original design solutions. Hayah IVF’s new website design was strengthened by a professional advertising campaign.

Not far from the long-waited-for dream of starting a family, Hayah IVF story of success was worth the effort. With the decision undertaken to reposition it as an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) center rather than the typical gynecological clinic it was, our journey with Hayah IVF began with branding.

Keeping it a priority to preserve the sanctity of medicine as a vocation, we worked on evolving the brand identity and image of the center accompanied by developing a new look and feel. The new design and identity enhanced the new positioning of Hayah IVF, making it relevant not just to gynecology and obstetrics but also to infertility services.

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Hayah IVF



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Digital Communication with a Humane Touch

The new positioning of Hayah IVF was reflected through the development and execution of digital services that enhanced its visual communication with patients. The design of the new website was created to reflect the new identity of Hayah IVF and the expansion of its medical services.

The pink and blue colors of the logo were also chosen as the principle colors of the website. Search Engine Optimization service was crafted and implemented in the website to widen and diversify its reach among local and regional visitors.

Social Media at the Service of Healthcare

To cement the sacred relationship between the patients and doctors, and to ensure their effective communication, Imagine Group was commissioned to activate Hayah IVF social media and update its content with informative substance.

Hayah IVF Facebook and Instagram pages, and YouTube channel have registered strong engagement and interaction with followers and visitors who grow in number day by day. With the support of a comprehensive advertising campaign, Hayah IVF secured its place as one of Jordan’s leading IVF centers.

Social Media Activation


With its repositioning as an IVF center being well-received by patients, Hayah IVF has widened its patient base and has become the trusted partner of more families. With its new identity, Hayah IVF has put its dedicated medical services at the service of a larger segment of patients.

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