From Conception to Reality

Imagine Grp collaborated with Sky Mall owners to set a business strategy for the mall beside offering creative services of branding and digital solutions relevant to social media management.

A turnkey project, Sky Mall was handled from A to Z by Imagine Group. Being there even before the very beginning of its establishment, we helped the business owners by offering our concept development services. The feasibility study we conducted made the idea more tangible, leading to a radical change in the floor plan of the entire project.

We were also asked for recommendations regarding the process of recruitment and selection. Goods purchasing has depended on a thorough market research that we conducted for Sky Mall.

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Sky Mall



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Operation Optimization

Following the feasibility study conducted, Imagine Group developed an operations strategy which was a key step in the development of Sky Mall corporate governance. Operation teams were selected wisely and KPIs were developed to measure their performance. Operation optimization also involved the formation of the board of directors who would help the operation teams and manage their work.

We helped create the different sections of the mall, dealing with each section and facility as a separate business unit that has a separate brand name.

Capturing the Essence of the Brand

The brand identity and image of Sky Mall were given great care. To introduce Sky Mall to the Libyan local market, we created a whole visual system that captures the essence of the new brand including a catchy logo and a family-oriented slogan. The content of the business profile was entirely created and designed by our creative team. We also worked on designing the brand image of each section and facility of the mall based on separate plans.

To ensure profitable and interactive communication with shoppers, we developed Sky Mall e-commerce website to be user-friendly and pleasing. Social media marketing via Sky Mall Facebook and Instagram pages has proven to be very efficient in introducing the mall to the public.


The developed plan and implementation of Sky Mall introduced the vision and mission of the mall and have helped meet the expectations of its owners and customers. Despite the long period it took to see the day of light, this large project is believed to be the prototype of Sky Mall chain branches in North Africa.

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