National Commercial Bank Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation as a Present-day Must-do

We helped NCB to apply its strategic digital plan through automating its financial operations and transactions beside designing and promoting its digital platforms.

The need for digital transformation in the rapidly progressing world of today has been part and parcel of the strategic digital plan of National Commercial Bank and hence, one of its prime priorities. The brief of Imagine Group’s experienced team of developers was to evolve the digital and technological services of NCB with the aim of automating the business as a whole and the financial operations and transactions in specific.

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Business Automation as an Effective Solution

Imagine Group helped NCB to automate its business by developing the bank’s Electronic Transaction System to be a unique online platform that enables corporates to submit trade finance transaction requests like letters of credit issuance and amendment and remittances, and bank guarantee issuance and amendment. The system was designed and developed based on the most advanced technological trends to meet the clients’ needs and expectations.

As a technological solution, the Electronic Transaction System has been a vital step in the digital transformation and automation of many of NCB operations. The system enhanced the execution of policies, procedures, and programs to achieve their full potential. This innovative solution also helped in enhancing the work environment through team building and easy e-work flow. Quicker turnaround time for closure of trade transaction requests in addition to access control for compliance and audit requirements at the clients’ end resulted in higher levels of customer satisfaction being more perceptible.

Interactive Website

To help NCB keep technology at its core, we designed, built, and delivered a new and highly responsive website that has not only brought the bank’s best practices and services to the fore but has also given great attention to optimizing interaction with clients. The cutting-edge website enjoys new web interfaces aligned with the evolving needs of end users. Web UI/UX Design solutions focused on designing products, processes, services, events, omnichannel journeys, and environments with focus placed on the quality of the user experience and culturally relevant solutions.

Because we understand NCB’s potential of better ranking online, we implemented effective SEO strategies that set the bank’s website well over search engines. Our Search Engine Optimization strategy increased traffic on the website, helped it achieve better ROIs, and contributed to acquiring visibility and stronger presence on search engines.

Applications for the Connected Age of Now

To strengthen the digitization of NCB operations, we designed and promoted special digital platforms to fit the connected age of now. As a case in point, “Mobi Mal” application enjoys customized services. Promoting this app, we launched an advertising campaign showcasing its wide array of services like managing MasterCard and debit local cards, requesting ATM cards, charging payment wallets (Sadad) with any amount of money, to name just a few.


The digital and technological transformations NCB offered in its services reaped their harvest shortly. Operations have become less effort and time consuming, and employees’ skills have improved. The feedback of NCB clients has been quite positive; digitized operations and user-friendly platforms made them not just feel but also experience the difference.


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