Astra Industries

A New Corporate Identity with a Preserved Core

Imagine Group worked on updating the visual identity of Astra Industries and creating its brand architecture. We helped the group to be digitally updated by developing its website and enhancing its visual system.

The challenge of developing a new brand structure for a conglomerate that has been in the market for more than 30 years was worth taking. After conducting management and stakeholder interviews and internal surveys, Imagine Group was able to understand the common ground and shared values of Astra Industries.

We captured the new vision of the conglomerate and translated it into a single-minded brand proposition which gave a clear direction to the new corporate identity, leading to the establishment of three new brands for the mining business sector, manufacturing sector, and steel manufacturing sector.

Client Name

Astra Industries


Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Project Year


The Power of Design

The new brand design focused on a simple, classic, strong, and iconic mark supported by a bold and distinctive visual language. Believing in the power of colors, blue was introduced to brand communications to reflect the revamping of AIG into a new era. A business color aspiring trust, blue was used with a glowing effect beginning from the center of the brand image where all objects meet to suggest the benefit and strength of uniting under the umbrella of a single holding company.

Taken from a city top view, the blue blocks were shaped as construction sites in an industrial area. The multiple objects in the logo were arranged in a dynamic composition pinpointing that AIG is a business conglomerate composed of different companies in different industrial domains all under the umbrella of Astra.

An Enhanced Web Presence

Addressing the challenge depended also on creating an enhanced web presence with a mobile-friendly design and a dynamically managed content that match AIG identity.


Mr. Ali Al-Jabrah, AIG Vice President Group CFO and Shared Services said: “Our new brand reflects who we are as a company today and where we are headed tomorrow.” Since the launching of its new brand image, AIG’s shared price has increased by more than 50% and the company has been named as one of the top ten most admired industrial companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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