Brand Naming

A brand name is more than just a word or more put together to represent a brand, especially a brand that has grand future visions. The name must give a tangible feel of the brand as a whole, allowing the audience to identify and differentiate the brand from others through communicating its core.

When naming a brand, stakeholders must have already defined the brand in their minds fully and realized their goals, values, and aspirations. Moreover, they must consider longevity, phonetics, trademark ability, and differentiation.

A single word or a couple of words can portray the brand’s concept and promise to consumers. The chosen name should speak all it can about the brand and the competition in the market as shown in the following figure:

At Imagine Group, we take into consideration the brand architecture model and positioning, and then conduct an exhaustive exploration of naming concepts based upon them. In our kickoff meeting, we note concerns, legal issues with naming rights, and personal biases a client might have towards names. We also identify the territories within which our naming exploration happens.

When all measures prior to the beginning of actually picking names are complete, we ask the client a series of questions and distill what we learn into a creative naming brief. This helps us create the kind of name that works for the project, whether descriptive or evocative.

Our team of expert linguists keeps track of the whole process, analyzing the phonetics and structure of a brand name’s sound in order to create a list of the most promising names according to their field. The following illustration shows what makes a good name phonetically:

Finally, three to five final name options with rationale are chosen for a preliminary screening and a linguistic check, and then for a last round of refinement before finally choosing the name most fitting.

These are the basics of the process of brand naming. Other processes can be involved in accordance with the needs of each brand, depending on its distinctive and unique story. The following diagram briefly explains the steps of the whole process:

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