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The huge potential of Ajloun city as a destination for tourism and agriculture accompanied by the instructions of his Majesty King Abdullah the second drove the Jordanian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities to commission a group of consultants to develop different parts of Ajloun Comprehensive Development Plan 2020-2040. We at Imagine Grp were entitled to develop a branding and marketing strategies for Ajloun directorate to help show the real opportunities that await seizing in Ajloun.

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Thorough Research for A Solid Strategy

To better understand the current situation, perception, and position of Ajloun as a tourism destination, we conducted thoroughly methodical field and desk research. Field visits, focus groups with Ajloun locals and other areas in Jordan, interviews, and a special online survey were combined with data collection from relevant studies, brand and market audit, and comparative analyses with competitive destination in Jordan and the region helped our team to build branding and marketing strategies as the solid foundation for the work plan.

A Unifying Destination Brand

We worked on developing a comprehensive brand for Ajloun as a tourism destination which depended on defining the unique brand attributes of Ajloun and discovering its brand pillars, personality, values, essence, and promise, not to forget the segmentation and targeting of Ajloun local, regional, and international audiences. This stage was followed by crafting a mature logo and slogan which were enhanced by supporting messages assigned for each target audience.

Marketing Plan for A Wider Reach

Our team developed an action plan with detailed marketing strategies that best match the objectives of the project depending on the type of target audience. We also worked on suggesting different marketing channels and activities meant to drive engagement and incite action.


The branding and marketing strategies we delivered have been enthusiastically welcomed by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, Jordan Tourism Board, and Ajloun inhabitants, and are meant to be put into effect.

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