Whiba Holding

Effective user experience across platforms

A leading conglomerate, Whiba Holding aimed at enhancing its positioning in the Middle East and North Africa markets. The management of the group briefed Imagine Grp to work on improving Whiba’s brand positioning and online presence in a way that would reflect a consistent and mature brand of the holding company.

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Whiba Holding



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Clear Branding Strategy and Better Positioning

Our cooperation with Whiba Holding started with the development of a brand strategy to realize the conglomerate’s place in the regional market, with the aim of boosting its brand to be on top of its field. Results were processed to come up with the desired strategy for developing the correct positioning of Whiba Holding.

Effective User Experience
Across Platforms

Our mission also included designing and developing a new website that reflects the hugeness of Whiba Holding and the diversity of the 14 business sectors it covers. Our design team worked on creating engaging UX/UI designs, depending on user personas and visual designs. To build an aesthetically pleasing interface that is scalable in the long run, the designs enjoyed consistency in icon styles, and typefaces and font sizes, clear and catchy infographics. The website was also designed to be responsive and respond to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform, and orientation.

Smartly Built Information Architecture and Hierarchy

Part of the UX design of Whiba Holding website relied on the development of bilingual, informative content. Using Information Architecture (IA), our creative content developers structured the content well by developing catchy Call-to-action messages and headings, accompanied by mapping out a clear information hierarchy to enable the presentation of important details in a way that makes them easily absorbed and with as little effort as possible.

Search Engine Optimization for More Visibility

To ensure better searchability for Whiba Holding website on different search engines and boost the credibility of the group, our team made sure to implement well-structured SEO tactics that would guarantee the website being easily discoverable.


Whiba Holding’s newly developed website has played a pivotal role in proving the authority of the group as a mega conglomerate in Libya and the MENA region. Besides, the strong online presence of Whiba Holding succeeded in reflecting the diverse portfolio of its business sectors and improved consumers’ perception of its services. The website has also contributed to boosting Whiba’s brand image and established positive customer relationships.

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